Command Cheatsheet

Below is a short list of examples of the various commands Cilium has to offer. If a command you use is missing please don’t hesitate to add it to one of the groups or create a new one.


# Check the status of the agent

cilium status
# Get the current agent configuration

cilium config

Policy management

# Importing a policy

cilium policy import <my-policy.json>
# Get list of all imported policy rules

cilium policy get
# Remove all policy

cilium policy delete --all


# Monitor cilium datapath notifications

cilium monitor
# Verbose output (including debug if enabled)

cilium monitor -v
# Filter for only the events to endpoint

cilium monitor --related-to=<id>
# Show notifications only for dropped packet events

cilium monitor --type drop
# Don't dissect packet payload, display payload in hex format

cilium monitor -v --hex


# Get list of all local endpoints

cilium endpoint list
# Get detailed view of endpoint properties and state

cilium endpoint get <id>
# Show recent endpoint specific log entries

cilium endpoint log <id>
# Enable debugging output on the cilium monitor for this endpoint

cilium endpoint config <id> Debug=true


# Check policy enforcement between two labels on port 80

cilium policy trace -s <app.from> -d <> --dport 80
# Check policy enforcement between two identities

cilium policy trace --src-identity <from-id> --dst-identity <to-id>
# Check policy enforcement between two pods

cilium policy trace --src-k8s-pod <namespace>:<pod.from> --dst-k8s-pod <namespace>:<>


# Get list of loadbalancer services

cilium service list


# List node tunneling mapping information

cilium bpf tunnel list
# Checking logs for verifier issue

journalctl -u cilium | grep -B20 -F10 Verifier