Weekly Community Meeting

The Cilium contributors gather every Wednesday at 8am PDT, 17:00 CEST, for a Zoom call open to everyone. During that time, we discuss:

  • Status of the next releases for each supported Cilium release

  • Current state of our CI: flakes being investigated and upcoming changes

  • Development items for the next release

  • Any other community-relevant topics during the open session

If you want to discuss something during the next meeting’s open session, you can add it to the meeting’s Google doc. The Zoom link to the meeting is available in the #development Slack channel and in the meeting notes.


Our Cilium & eBPF Slack is the main discussion space for the Cilium community.

Slack channels




General user discussions & questions


Questions on Hubble


Kubernetes-specific questions


Questions on network policies


Release announcements only


Questions on Cilium Service Mesh


Questions on Tetragon

You can join the following channels if you are looking to contribute to Cilium code, documentation, or website:




Development discussions around Cilium


Development discussion for the eBPF Go library


GitHub notifications


SIG-specific discussions (see below)


Testing and CI discussions


Development discussions around cilium.io

If you are interested in eBPF, then the following channels are for you:




General eBPF questions


Questions on the eBPF Go library


Questions on BPF Linux Security Modules (LSM)


Contributions to eCHO News


Discussions around eBPF for Windows

Our Slack hosts channels for eBPF and Cilium-related events online and in person.






Cilium and eBPF capture-the-flag challenges


eBPF Summit

How to create a Slack channel

  1. Open a new GitHub issue in the cilium/community repo

  2. Specify the title “Slack: <Name>”

  3. Provide a description

  4. Find two Cilium committers to comment in the issue that they approve the creation of the Slack channel

  5. Not all Slack channels need to be listed on this page, but you can submit a PR if you would like to include it here.

Special Interest Groups

All SIGs

The following is a list of special interest groups (SIG) that are meeting on a regular interval. See the respective slack channel for exact meeting cadence and meeting links.






On demand


Development discussions for Linux and eBPF code used in Cilium.




Documentation, Helm references, and translations.


On demand


Envoy, Istio and maintenance of all L7 protocol parsers.


During community meeting


All Hubble-related code: Server, UI, CLI and Relay.




Network policy and enforcement.

Release Management



Release management and backport coordination.

How to create a SIG

  1. Open a new GitHub issue in the cilium/cilium repo

  2. Specify the title “SIG-Request: <Name>”

  3. Provide a description

  4. Find two Cilium committers to support the SIG.

  5. Ask on #development to get the Slack channel and Zoom meeting created

  6. Submit a PR to update the documentation to get your new SIG listed