Getting Started Using MicroK8s๏ƒ

This guide uses microk8s to demonstrate deployment and operation of Cilium in a single-node Kubernetes cluster. To run Cilium inside microk8s, a GNU/Linux distribution with kernel 4.9 or later is required (per the System Requirements).

Install microk8s๏ƒ

  1. Install microk8s >= 1.15 as per microk8s documentation: MicroK8s User guide.

  2. Enable the microk8s Cilium service

    microk8s enable cilium
  3. Cilium is now configured! The cilium CLI is provided as microk8s.cilium.

Next steps๏ƒ

Now that you have a Kubernetes cluster with Cilium up and running, you can take a couple of next steps to explore various capabilities: