Collects agent & system information useful for bug reporting


Collects agent & system information useful for bug reporting

cilium-bugtool [OPTIONS]


    # Collect information and create archive file
    $ cilium-bugtool

    # Collect information and serve via HTTP
    $ cilium-bugtool --serve

    # Collect and retrieve archive if Cilium is running in a Kubernetes pod
    $ kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system
    NAME                          READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    cilium-kg8lv                  1/1       Running   0          13m
    $ kubectl -n kube-system exec cilium-kg8lv cilium-bugtool
    $ kubectl cp kube-system/cilium-kg8lv:/tmp/cilium-bugtool-243785589.tar /tmp/cilium-bugtool-243785589.tar


      --archive                 Create archive when false skips deletion of the output directory (default true)
  -o, --archiveType string      Archive type: tar | gz (default "tar")
      --config string           Configuration to decide what should be run (default "./.cilium-bugtool.config")
      --dry-run                 Create configuration file of all commands that would have been executed
      --exec-timeout duration   The default timeout for any cmd execution in seconds (default 30s)
  -H, --host string             URI to server-side API
      --k8s-label string        Kubernetes label for Cilium pod (default "k8s-app=cilium")
      --k8s-mode                Require Kubernetes pods to be found or fail
      --k8s-namespace string    Kubernetes namespace for Cilium pod (default "kube-system")
  -p, --port int                Port to use for the HTTP server, (default 4444) (default 4444)
      --serve                   Start HTTP server to serve static files
  -t, --tmp string              Path to store extracted files (default "/tmp")