Advanced Options

This guide covers advanced installation options in a generic way that can be applied on top of all other installation guides.

The following sections will describe runtime options that can be passed on to the agent. Depending on your chosen form of installation, the steps required to modify the agent options will be different:

  • Modify the DaemonSet file if you are using Kubernetes.
  • Modify the relevant unit or configuration file on all nodes or adjust your configuration management scripts if you are using systemd or another init system.

Running the agent on a node without a container runtime

If you want to run the Cilium agent on a node that will not host any application containers, then that node may not have a container runtime installed at all. You may still want to run the Cilium agent on the node to ensure that local processes on that node can reach application containers on other nodes. The default behavior of Cilium on startup when no container runtime has been found is to abort startup. To avoid this abort, you can run the cilium-agent with the following option.