Key-Value Store

Option Description Default
–kvstore TYPE Key Value Store Type: (consul, etcd)  
–kvstore-opt OPTS    


When using consul, the consul agent address needs to be provided with the consul.address: consul.tlsconfig is optional, and is only required for TLS authentication:

Option Type Description
consul.address Address Address of consul agent
consul.tlsconfig Path Path to a consul configuration file for client server authentication

Example of the consul configuration file:

cafile: '/var/lib/cilium/consul-ca.pem'
keyfile: '/var/lib/cilium/client-key.pem'
certfile: '/var/lib/cilium/client.pem'
#insecureskipverify: true


When using etcd, one of the following options need to be provided to configure the etcd endpoints:

Option Type Description
etcd.address Address Address of etcd endpoint
etcd.config Path Path to an etcd configuration file.

Example of the etcd configuration file:

trusted-ca-file: '/var/lib/cilium/etcd-ca.pem'
# In case you want client to server authentication
key-file: '/var/lib/cilium/etcd-client.key'
cert-file: '/var/lib/cilium/etcd-client.crt'