Welcome to Cilium’s documentation!

The documentation is divided into the following sections:

  • Getting Started Guides: Provides a simple tutorial for running a small Cilium setup on your laptop. Intended as an easy way to get your hands dirty applying Cilium security policies between containers.
  • Concepts: Describes the components of Cilium, and the different models for deploying Cilium. Provides the high-level understanding required to run a full Cilium deployment and understand its behavior.
  • Installation : Details instructions for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Cilium in different deployment modes.
  • Network Policy : Detailed walkthrough of the policy language structure and the supported formats.
  • Monitoring & Metrics : Instructions for configuring metrics collection from Cilium.
  • Troubleshooting : Describes how to troubleshoot Cilium in different deployment modes.
  • BPF and XDP Reference Guide : Provides a technical deep dive of BPF and XDP technology, primarily focused at developers.
  • API Reference : Details the Cilium agent API for interacting with a local Cilium instance.
  • Development Guide : Gives background to those looking to develop and contribute modifications to the Cilium code or documentation.

For Developers