Run cilium-operator-generic


Run cilium-operator-generic

cilium-operator-generic [flags]


      --cilium-endpoint-gc-interval duration      GC interval for cilium endpoints (default 5m0s)
      --cluster-id int                            Unique identifier of the cluster
      --cluster-name string                       Name of the cluster (default "default")
      --cluster-pool-ipv4-cidr string             IPv4 CIDR Range for Pods in cluster. Requires 'ipam=cluster-pool' and 'enable-ipv4=true'
      --cluster-pool-ipv4-mask-size int           Mask size for each IPv4 podCIDR per node. Requires 'ipam=cluster-pool' and 'enable-ipv4=true' (default 24)
      --cluster-pool-ipv6-cidr string             IPv6 CIDR Range for Pods in cluster. Requires 'ipam=cluster-pool' and 'enable-ipv6=true'
      --cluster-pool-ipv6-mask-size int           Mask size for each IPv6 podCIDR per node. Requires 'ipam=cluster-pool' and 'enable-ipv6=true' (default 112)
      --cnp-node-status-gc-interval duration      GC interval for nodes which have been removed from the cluster in CiliumNetworkPolicy Status (default 2m0s)
      --cnp-status-update-interval duration       Interval between CNP status updates sent to the k8s-apiserver per-CNP (default 1s)
      --config string                             Configuration file (default "$HOME/ciliumd.yaml")
      --config-dir string                         Configuration directory that contains a file for each option
      --crd-wait-timeout duration                 Operator will exit if CRDs are not available within this duration upon startup (default 5m0s)
  -D, --debug                                     Enable debugging mode
      --enable-ipv4                               Enable IPv4 support (default true)
      --enable-ipv6                               Enable IPv6 support (default true)
      --enable-k8s-api-discovery                  Enable discovery of Kubernetes API groups and resources with the discovery API
      --enable-k8s-endpoint-slice                 Enables k8s EndpointSlice feature into Cilium-Operator if the k8s cluster supports it (default true)
      --enable-k8s-event-handover                 Enable k8s event handover to kvstore for improved scalability
      --enable-metrics                            Enable Prometheus metrics
      --gops-port int                             Port for gops server to listen on (default 9891)
  -h, --help                                      help for cilium-operator-generic
      --identity-allocation-mode string           Method to use for identity allocation (default "kvstore")
      --identity-gc-interval duration             GC interval for security identities (default 15m0s)
      --identity-gc-rate-interval duration        Interval used for rate limiting the GC of security identities (default 1m0s)
      --identity-gc-rate-limit int                Maximum number of security identities that will be deleted within the identity-gc-rate-interval (default 2500)
      --identity-heartbeat-timeout duration       Timeout after which identity expires on lack of heartbeat (default 30m0s)
      --ipam string                               Backend to use for IPAM (default "hostscope-legacy")
      --k8s-api-server string                     Kubernetes API server URL
      --k8s-client-burst int                      Burst value allowed for the K8s client
      --k8s-client-qps float32                    Queries per second limit for the K8s client
      --k8s-heartbeat-timeout duration            Configures the timeout for api-server heartbeat, set to 0 to disable (default 30s)
      --k8s-kubeconfig-path string                Absolute path of the kubernetes kubeconfig file
      --k8s-namespace string                      Name of the Kubernetes namespace in which Cilium Operator is deployed in
      --k8s-service-proxy-name string             Value of K8s service-proxy-name label for which Cilium handles the services (empty = all services without label)
      --kvstore string                            Key-value store type
      --kvstore-opt map                           Key-value store options (default map[])
      --leader-election-lease-duration duration   Duration that non-leader operator candidates will wait before forcing to acquire leadership (default 15s)
      --leader-election-renew-deadline duration   Duration that current acting master will retry refreshing leadership in before giving up the lock (default 10s)
      --leader-election-retry-period duration     Duration that LeaderElector clients should wait between retries of the actions (default 2s)
      --limit-ipam-api-burst int                  Upper burst limit when accessing external APIs (default 4)
      --limit-ipam-api-qps float                  Queries per second limit when accessing external IPAM APIs (default 20)
      --log-driver strings                        Logging endpoints to use for example syslog
      --log-opt map                               Log driver options for cilium-operator (default map[])
      --nodes-gc-interval duration                GC interval for nodes store in the kvstore (default 2m0s)
      --operator-api-serve-addr string            Address to serve API requests (default "localhost:9234")
      --operator-prometheus-serve-addr string     Address to serve Prometheus metrics (default ":6942")
      --parallel-alloc-workers int                Maximum number of parallel IPAM workers (default 50)
      --subnet-ids-filter strings                 Subnets IDs (separated by commas)
      --subnet-tags-filter stringToString         Subnets tags in the form of k1=v1,k2=v2 (multiple k/v pairs can also be passed by repeating the CLI flag (default [])
      --synchronize-k8s-nodes                     Synchronize Kubernetes nodes to kvstore and perform CNP GC (default true)
      --synchronize-k8s-services                  Synchronize Kubernetes services to kvstore (default true)
      --unmanaged-pod-watcher-interval int        Interval to check for unmanaged kube-dns pods (0 to disable) (default 15)
      --update-ec2-apdater-limit-via-api          Use the EC2 API to update the instance type to adapter limits
      --version                                   Print version information