Special Interest Groups

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The following is a list of special interest groups (SIG) that are meeting on a regular interval. See the respective slack channel for exact meeting cadence and meeting links.

SIG Meeting Slack Description
Datapath Wednesdays, 08:00 PT #sig-datapath Owner of all eBPF- and Linux-kernel-related datapath code.
Documentation None #sig-docs All documentation related discussions
Envoy Biweekly on Thursdays, 09:00 PT #sig-envoy Envoy, Istio and maintenance of all L7 protocol parsers.
Hubble Thursdays, 09:00 PT #sig-hubble Owner of all Hubble-related code: Server, UI, CLI and Relay.
Policy None #sig-policy All topics related to policy. The SIG is responsible for all security relevant APIs and the enforcement logic.
Release Management None #launchpad Responsible for the release management and backport process.

How to create a SIG

  1. Open a new GitHub issue
  2. Specify the title “SIG-Request: <Name>”
  3. Provide a description
  4. Find two Cilium committers to support the SIG.
  5. Ask on #development to get the Slack channel and Zoom meeting created
  6. Submit a PR to update the documentation to get your new SIG listed


The Cilium community is maintaining an active Slack channel. Click here to request an invite.

Slack channels

Name Purpose
#development Development discussions
#ebpf eBPF-specific questions
#general General user discussions & questions
#git GitHub notifications
#kubernetes Kubernetes specific questions
#sig-* SIG specific discussions
#testing CI and testing related discussions