Getting Help

Cilium is a project with a growing community. There are numerous ways to get help with Cilium if needed:


Cilium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Cilium uses GitHub tags to maintain a list of questions asked by users. We suggest checking to see if your question is already answered.


Chat: The best way to get immediate help if you get stuck is to ask in one of the Cilium Slack channels.


Bug Tracker: All the issues are addressed in the GitHub issue tracker. If you want to report a bug or a new feature please file the issue according to the GitHub template.

Contributing: If you want to contribute, reading the Development should help you.


Training courses: Our website lists training courses that have been approved by the Cilium project.

Enterprise support

Distributions: Enterprise-ready, supported and approved Cilium distributions are listed on the Cilium website.

Security Bugs

Security: We strongly encourage you to report security vulnerabilities to our private security mailing list: - first, before disclosing them in any public forums.

This is a private mailing list where only members of the Cilium internal security team are subscribed to, and is treated as top priority.