Release tracking

Feature work for upcoming releases is tracked through GitHub Projects. You can view the projects related to the 1.15 release here:

Release Cadence

New versions of Cilium are released on a cadence of around six months. Minor releases are typically designated by by incrementing the Y in the version format X.Y.Z.

Three stable branches are maintained at a time: One for the most recent minor release, and two for the prior two minor releases. For each minor release that is currently maintained, the stable branch vX.Y on github contains the code for the next stable release. New patch releases for an existing stable version X.Y.Z are published incrementing the Z in the version format.

New patch releases for stable branches are made periodically to provide security and bug fixes, based upon community demand and bugfix severity. Potential fixes for an upcoming release are first merged into the main branch, then backported to the relevant stable branches using the following criteria.