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  • Fosdem, Brussels, 2020 - BPF as a revolutionary technology for the container landscape: Slides, Video

  • KubeCon, North America 2019 - Liberating Kubernetes from kube-proxy and iptables: Slides, Video

  • KubeCon, Europe 2019 - Using eBPF to Bring Kubernetes-Aware Security to the Linux Kernel: Video

  • KubeCon, Europe 2019 - Transparent Chaos Testing with Envoy , Cilium and BPF: Slides, Video

  • All Systems Go!, Berlin, Sept 2018 - Cilium - Bringing the BPF Revolution to Kubernetes Networking and Security Slides, Video

  • QCon, San Francisco 2018 - How to Make Linux Microservice-Aware with Cilium and eBPF: Slides, Video

  • KubeCon, North America 2018 - Connecting Kubernetes Clusters Across Cloud Providers: Slides, Video

  • KubeCon, North America 2018 - Implementing Least Privilege Security and Networking with BPF on Kubernetes: Slides, Video

  • KubeCon, Europe 2018 - Accelerating Envoy with the Linux Kernel: Video

  • Open Source Summit, North America - Cilium: Networking and security for containers with BPF and XDP: Video

  • DockerCon, Austin TX, Apr 2017 - Cilium - Network and Application Security with BPF and XDP: Slides, Video

  • CNCF/KubeCon Meetup, Berlin, Mar 2017 - Linux Native, HTTP Aware Network Security: Slides, Video

  • Docker Distributed Systems Summit, Berlin, Oct 2016: Slides, Video

  • NetDev1.2, Tokyo, Sep 2016 - cls_bpf/eBPF updates since netdev 1.1: Slides, Video

  • NetDev1.2, Tokyo, Sep 2016 - Advanced programmability and recent updates with tc’s cls_bpf: Slides, Video

  • ContainerCon NA, Toronto, Aug 2016 - Fast IPv6 container networking with BPF & XDP: Slides


  • Software Gone Wild by Ivan Pepelnjak, Oct 2016: Blog, MP3

  • OVS Orbit by Ben Pfaff, May 2016: Blog, MP3

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