Multi-Cluster (Cluster Mesh)

Cluster mesh extends the networking datapath across multiple clusters. It allows endpoints in all connected clusters to communicate while providing full policy enforcement. Load-balancing is available via Kubernetes annotations.

See Setting up Cluster Mesh for instructions on how to set up cluster mesh.

KVStoreMesh (beta)


This is a beta feature. Please provide feedback and file a GitHub issue if you experience any problems.

KVStoreMesh is an extension of Cluster Mesh. It caches the information obtained from the remote clusters in a local kvstore (such as etcd), to which all local Cilium agents connect. This is different from vanilla Cluster Mesh, where each agent directly pulls the information from the remote clusters. KVStoreMesh enables improved scalability and isolation, and targets large scale Cluster Mesh deployments.

See Enable Cluster Mesh for instructions on how to enable KVStoreMesh.