Google Kubernetes Engine

When running Cilium on Google GKE, the native networking layer of Google Cloud will be utilized for address management and IP forwarding.



Cilium running in a GKE configuration mode utilizes the Kubernetes hostscope IPAM mode. It will configure the Cilium agent to wait until the Kubernetes node resource is populated with a spec.podCIDR or spec.podCIDRs as required by the enabled address families (IPv4/IPv6). See Kubernetes Host Scope for additional details of this IPAM mode.

The corresponding datapath is described in section Google Cloud.

See the getting started guide Cilium Quick Installation to install Cilium Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).


The GKE IPAM mode can be enabled by setting the Helm option ipam.mode=kubernetes or by setting the ConfigMap option ipam: kubernetes.


Validate the exposed PodCIDR field

Check if the Kubernetes nodes contain a value in the podCIDR field:

$ kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{}{"\t"}{.spec.podCIDR}{"\n"}{end}'

Check the Cilium status

Run cilium status on the node in question and validate that the CIDR used for IPAM matches the PodCIDR announced in the Kubernetes node:

$ kubectl -n kube-system get pods -o wide | grep gke-cluster4-default-pool-b195a3f3-k431
cilium-lv4xd                       1/1     Running   0          3h8m   gke-cluster4-default-pool-b195a3f3-k431   <none>           <none>

$ kubectl -n kube-system exec -ti cilium-lv4xd -- cilium-dbg status
KVStore:                Ok   Disabled
Kubernetes:             Ok   1.14+ (v1.14.10-gke.27) [linux/amd64]
Kubernetes APIs:        ["CustomResourceDefinition", "cilium/v2::CiliumClusterwideNetworkPolicy", "cilium/v2::CiliumEndpoint", "cilium/v2::CiliumNetworkPolicy", "cilium/v2::CiliumNode", "core/v1::Endpoint", "core/v1::Namespace", "core/v1::Pods", "core/v1::Service", ""]
KubeProxyReplacement:   Probe   []
Cilium:                 Ok      OK
NodeMonitor:            Disabled
Cilium health daemon:   Ok
IPAM:                   IPv4: 7/255 allocated from,
Controller Status:      36/36 healthy
Proxy Status:           OK, ip, 0 redirects active on ports 10000-20000
Hubble:                 Disabled
Cluster health:         2/2 reachable   (2020-04-23T13:46:36Z)