Documentation Testing

First, start a local document server that automatically refreshes when you save files for real-time preview. It relies on the cilium/docs-builder Docker container.

$ make render-docs

and preview the documentation at http://localhost:9081/ as you make changes. After making changes to Cilium documentation you should check that you did not introduce any new warnings or errors, and also check that your changes look as you intended one last time before opening a pull request. To do this you can build the docs:

$ make test-docs


By default, render-docs generates a preview with instructions to install Cilium from the latest version on GitHub (i.e. from the HEAD of the master branch that has not been released) regardless of which Cilium branch you are in. You can target a specific branch by specifying READTHEDOCS_VERSION environment variable:

READTHEDOCS_VERSION=v1.7 make render-docs