Gateway API Support

What is Gateway API?

Gateway API is a Kubernetes SIG-Network subproject to design a successor for the Ingress object. It is a set of resources that model service networking in Kubernetes, and is designed to be role-oriented, portable, expressive, and extensible.

See the Gateway API site for more details.

Cilium Gateway API Support

Cilium supports Gateway API v0.7.1 for below resources, all the Core conformance tests are passed.


  • Cilium must be configured with kubeProxyReplacement=true. Please refer to kube-proxy replacement for more details.

  • Cilium must be configured with the L7 proxy enabled using the --enable-l7-proxy flag (enabled by default).

  • The below CRDs from Gateway API v0.7.0 must be pre-installed. Please refer to this docs for installation steps. Alternatively, the below snippet could be used.

    $ kubectl apply -f
    $ kubectl apply -f
    $ kubectl apply -f
    $ kubectl apply -f
    $ kubectl apply -f
  • Similar to Ingress, Gateway API controller creates a service of LoadBalancer type, so your environment will need to support this.



Make sure you install cilium-cli v0.15.0 or later. The rest of instructions do not work with older versions of cilium-cli. To confirm the cilium-cli version that’s installed in your system, run:

cilium version --client

See Cilium CLI upgrade notes for more details.

Install the latest version of the Cilium CLI. The Cilium CLI can be used to install Cilium, inspect the state of a Cilium installation, and enable/disable various features (e.g. clustermesh, Hubble).

if [ "$(uname -m)" = "aarch64" ]; then CLI_ARCH=arm64; fi
curl -L --fail --remote-name-all${CILIUM_CLI_VERSION}/cilium-linux-${CLI_ARCH}.tar.gz{,.sha256sum}
sha256sum --check cilium-linux-${CLI_ARCH}.tar.gz.sha256sum
sudo tar xzvfC cilium-linux-${CLI_ARCH}.tar.gz /usr/local/bin
rm cilium-linux-${CLI_ARCH}.tar.gz{,.sha256sum}

Cilium Gateway API Controller can be enabled with helm flag gatewayAPI.enabled set as true. Please refer to Installation using Helm for a fresh installation.

$ helm upgrade cilium cilium/cilium --version 1.14.4 \
    --namespace kube-system \
    --reuse-values \
    --set kubeProxyReplacement=true \
    --set gatewayAPI.enabled=true

$ kubectl -n kube-system rollout restart deployment/cilium-operator
$ kubectl -n kube-system rollout restart ds/cilium

Next you can check the status of the Cilium agent and operator:

$ cilium status


Please refer to one of the below examples on how to use and leverage Cilium’s Gateway API features:

More examples can be found in the upstream repository.