Periodic duties

Some members of the Cilium organization have rotational duties that change periodically.

Release managers

Release managers take care of the patch releases for each supported stable branch of Cilium. They typically coordinate in #launchpad on Cilium Slack.


Backporters handle backports to Cilium’s supported stable branches. They typically coordinate in #launchpad on Cilium Slack. The Backporting process provides some guidance on how to backport changes.


Triagers take care of several tasks:

  • They push and merge contributions from community contributors

  • They review updates to files without a dedicated code owner

  • They triage bugs, which means they interact with reporters until the issue is clear and can get the label associated to the corresponding working group, when possible

  • They keep an eye on Cilium Slack, to try and answer questions from the community

They are members of the TopHat team on GitHub.

CI Health managers

CI Health managers monitor the status of the CI, track down flakes, and ensure that CI checks keep running smoothly. They typically coordinate in #testing on Cilium Slack.