cilium-operator-aws hive dot-graph

Output the dependencies graph in graphviz dot format

cilium-operator-aws hive dot-graph [flags]


  -h, --help   help for dot-graph

Options inherited from parent commands

      --ces-max-ciliumendpoints-per-ces int                  Maximum number of CiliumEndpoints allowed in a CES (default 100)
      --ces-slice-mode string                                Slicing mode define how ceps are grouped into a CES (default "cesSliceModeIdentity")
      --ces-write-qps-burst int                              CES work queue burst rate (default 20)
      --ces-write-qps-limit float                            CES work queue rate limit (default 10)
      --cluster-id uint32                                    Unique identifier of the cluster
      --cluster-name string                                  Name of the cluster (default "default")
      --controller-group-metrics strings                     List of controller group names for which to to enable metrics. Accepts 'all' and 'none'. The set of controller group names available is not guaranteed to be stable between Cilium versions.
      --enable-cilium-operator-server-access strings         List of cilium operator APIs which are administratively enabled. Supports '*'. (default [*])
      --enable-gateway-api-secrets-sync                      Enables fan-in TLS secrets sync from multiple namespaces to singular namespace (specified by gateway-api-secrets-namespace flag) (default true)
      --enable-ingress-controller                            Enables cilium ingress controller. This must be enabled along with enable-envoy-config in cilium agent.
      --enable-ingress-proxy-protocol                        Enable proxy protocol for all Ingress listeners. Note that _only_ Proxy protocol traffic will be accepted once this is enabled.
      --enable-ingress-secrets-sync                          Enables fan-in TLS secrets from multiple namespaces to singular namespace (specified by ingress-secrets-namespace flag) (default true)
      --enable-k8s                                           Enable the k8s clientset (default true)
      --enable-k8s-api-discovery                             Enable discovery of Kubernetes API groups and resources with the discovery API
      --enable-k8s-endpoint-slice                            Enables k8s EndpointSlice feature in Cilium if the k8s cluster supports it (default true)
      --enforce-ingress-https                                Enforces https for host having matching TLS host in Ingress. Incoming traffic to http listener will return 308 http error code with respective location in header. (default true)
      --gateway-api-secrets-namespace string                 Namespace having tls secrets used by CEC for Gateway API (default "cilium-secrets")
      --gops-port uint16                                     Port for gops server to listen on (default 9891)
      --identity-gc-interval duration                        GC interval for security identities (default 15m0s)
      --identity-gc-rate-interval duration                   Interval used for rate limiting the GC of security identities (default 1m0s)
      --identity-gc-rate-limit int                           Maximum number of security identities that will be deleted within the identity-gc-rate-interval (default 2500)
      --identity-heartbeat-timeout duration                  Timeout after which identity expires on lack of heartbeat (default 30m0s)
      --ingress-default-lb-mode string                       Default loadbalancer mode for Ingress. Applicable values: dedicated, shared (default "dedicated")
      --ingress-default-secret-name string                   Default secret name for Ingress.
      --ingress-default-secret-namespace string              Default secret namespace for Ingress.
      --ingress-lb-annotation-prefixes strings               Annotations and labels which are needed to propagate from Ingress to the Load Balancer. (default [,,])
      --ingress-secrets-namespace string                     Namespace having tls secrets used by Ingress and CEC. (default "cilium-secrets")
      --ingress-shared-lb-service-name string                Name of shared LB service name for Ingress. (default "cilium-ingress")
      --k8s-api-server string                                Kubernetes API server URL
      --k8s-client-burst int                                 Burst value allowed for the K8s client
      --k8s-client-qps float32                               Queries per second limit for the K8s client
      --k8s-heartbeat-timeout duration                       Configures the timeout for api-server heartbeat, set to 0 to disable (default 30s)
      --k8s-kubeconfig-path string                           Absolute path of the kubernetes kubeconfig file
      --k8s-service-proxy-name string                        Value of K8s service-proxy-name label for which Cilium handles the services (empty = all services without label)
      --loadbalancer-l7-algorithm string                     Default LB algorithm for services that do not specify related annotation (default "round_robin")
      --loadbalancer-l7-ports strings                        List of service ports that will be automatically redirected to backend.
      --max-connected-clusters uint32                        Maximum number of clusters to be connected in a clustermesh. Increasing this value will reduce the maximum number of identities available. Valid configurations are [255, 511]. (default 255)
      --mesh-auth-mutual-enabled                             The flag to enable mutual authentication for the SPIRE server (beta).
      --mesh-auth-spiffe-trust-domain string                 The trust domain for the SPIFFE identity. (default "spiffe.cilium")
      --mesh-auth-spire-agent-socket string                  The path for the SPIRE admin agent Unix socket. (default "/run/spire/sockets/agent/agent.sock")
      --mesh-auth-spire-server-address string                SPIRE server endpoint. (default "spire-server.spire.svc:8081")
      --mesh-auth-spire-server-connection-timeout duration   SPIRE server connection timeout. (default 10s)
      --operator-api-serve-addr string                       Address to serve API requests (default "localhost:9234")
      --operator-pprof                                       Enable serving pprof debugging API
      --operator-pprof-address string                        Address that pprof listens on (default "localhost")
      --operator-pprof-port uint16                           Port that pprof listens on (default 6061)
      --operator-prometheus-serve-addr string                Address to serve Prometheus metrics (default ":9963")
      --skip-crd-creation                                    When true, Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions will not be created