cilium-agent hive dot-graph

Output the dependencies graph in graphviz dot format

cilium-agent hive dot-graph [flags]


  -h, --help   help for dot-graph

Options inherited from parent commands

      --certificates-directory string          Root directory to find certificates specified in L7 TLS policy enforcement (default "/var/run/cilium/certs")
      --enable-k8s-api-discovery               Enable discovery of Kubernetes API groups and resources with the discovery API
      --gops-port uint16                       Port for gops server to listen on (default 9890)
      --install-egress-gateway-routes          Install egress gateway IP rules and routes in order to properly steer egress gateway traffic to the correct ENI interface
      --k8s-api-server string                  Kubernetes API server URL
      --k8s-client-burst int                   Burst value allowed for the K8s client
      --k8s-client-qps float32                 Queries per second limit for the K8s client
      --k8s-heartbeat-timeout duration         Configures the timeout for api-server heartbeat, set to 0 to disable (default 30s)
      --k8s-kubeconfig-path string             Absolute path of the kubernetes kubeconfig file
      --mesh-auth-monitor-queue-size int       Queue size for the auth monitor (default 1024)
      --mesh-auth-mtls-listener-port int       Port on which the Cilium Agent will perfom mTLS handshakes between other Agents
      --mesh-auth-spiffe-trust-domain string   The trust domain for the SPIFFE identity. (default "")
      --mesh-auth-spire-admin-socket string    The path for the SPIRE admin agent Unix socket.
      --pprof                                  Enable serving pprof debugging API
      --pprof-address string                   Address that pprof listens on (default "localhost")
      --pprof-port uint16                      Port that pprof listens on (default 6060)