cilium-dbg monitor

Display BPF program events


The monitor displays notifications and events emitted by the BPF programs attached to endpoints and devices. This includes:

  • Dropped packet notifications

  • Captured packet traces

  • Policy verdict notifications

  • Debugging information

cilium-dbg monitor [flags]


      --from []uint16           Filter by source endpoint id
  -h, --help                    help for monitor
      --hex                     Do not dissect, print payload in HEX
  -j, --json                    Enable json output. Shadows -v flag
      --monitor-socket string   Configure monitor socket path
  -n, --numeric                 Display all security identities as numeric values
      --related-to []uint16     Filter by either source or destination endpoint id
      --to []uint16             Filter by destination endpoint id
  -t, --type []string           Filter by event types [agent capture debug drop l7 policy-verdict recorder trace trace-sock]
  -v, --verbose bools[=false]   Enable verbose output (-v, -vv) (default [])

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Config file (default is $HOME/.cilium.yaml)
  -D, --debug           Enable debug messages
  -H, --host string     URI to server-side API