cilium-dbg post-uninstall-cleanup

Remove system state installed by Cilium at runtime


Clean up CNI configurations, CNI binaries, attached BPF programs, bpffs, tc filters, routes, links and named network namespaces.

Running this command might be necessary to get the worker node back into working condition after uninstalling the Cilium agent.

cilium-dbg post-uninstall-cleanup [flags]


      --all-state   Remove all cilium state
      --bpf-state   Remove BPF state
  -f, --force       Skip confirmation
  -h, --help        help for post-uninstall-cleanup

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Config file (default is $HOME/.cilium.yaml)
  -D, --debug           Enable debug messages
  -H, --host string     URI to server-side API